I can see clearly now

The last few times we’ve had a heavy snowfall or worse, freezing rain, I was harshly reminded that it was time to get new wiper blades as mine were leaving streaks – of course directly lined up so I had to either strech up high or crunch down low to see properly. So I decided to take the annoying know-it-all guy‘s advice and try out Canadian Tire’s reflex wiper blades. After aclimitizing them to the backseat of my car for a couple weeks, I finally put them on about a week ago. And then all the snow melted.

However, they did work quite well in the rain, at least as well as a brand new set of normal wipers. I drove on the highway in the rain with them, and they kept up well enough.

The real test came when it finally snowed (yikes, am I somehow happy it snowed?) yesterday. A nice wet packy snow. I brushed the majority of the snow off as usual, didn’t touch the wipers at all, and got in and turned them on. The windshield was perfectly cleaned. No streaks, and no hinges to clean ice out of. I was decently impressed. (Decently enough to blog about it anyways, if that says anything.)

I’d recommend these to anyone, espessially people who have to endure snow and freezing rain on a regular basis. They’re not a whole lot more expensive than regular wipers, but much less frustrating. I’ll do an update in a couple months about how well they fare with age, but thus far I’m happy. Thanks mysterious Canadian Tire guy.