Window sills, Suspended Ceiling

imgp3684 Now that the drywall is finished, I installed the window sills. I’m just using 1×8 pine board, trimmed to size on a table saw. I’ll later add trim around the outside. I ended up deciding that it was worth finally buying a brad nailer (and hey, I needed a compressor anyways) – definitely ranks up there among my most fun-to-use tools. It made quick work of putting the sills in place.

imgp3680 imgp3683

I also installed the beams for the suspended ceiling, which was more expensive than I thought it would be. I think I’ve spent around $500 on materials, and still need to get another box or two of tiles.

imgp3686 imgp3688

I’m definitely getting closer to completion, though there’s still quite a few tasks left (paint, trim, more paint, flooring, lighting, outlets and switches, doors, cabinets, plumbing hook-up..). I was really hoping to be done August 1st (our 1-year anniversary of moving in), but there’s no way that will happen now – though it will definitely be more on the side of “not quite finished, but livable space” than “construction zone”.