Two Days to LNP

Well finally wireless number portability is coming to Canada on March 14th. This means you will be able to transfer your wireless number to wireless another carrier, to a landline, or your landline to a wireless carrier. Transfers between wireless carriers should take 2.5 hours, transfers between wireless and landline could take up to two days, and fees for doing a transfer are left up to individual providers. I haven’t yet found out if transfers from wireless or landline to VoIP carriers will be possible, although I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

On that note, I recently had to switch my home phone number. It’s not really a big deal since most people call my cell phone anyways, but basically Unlimitel pulled out of operating in Kingston. I am now with (which has a really nice interface by the way – letting you pick and add DIDs to your account in seconds, see your balance, automatically send you a reminder when your balance is low, etc). I looked into porting my number over, but was told that I would be charged a $150 fee to port – I have to wonder if that would still be the case in a couple of days?