Drywall, Part 2

imgp3519 Okay, so I’ve been a bit lazy with the blog lately. Things have only been happening in the last few weeks though, but I’ll make posts to work through it all. I finished putting the rest of the drywall up (which I started in April, wow..). Nothing special, a bunch of cutting and screwing involved..


imgp3518 imgp3535

After this, I started taping, with the help of my Dad. Now, this is where the big delay comes in, and why not a lot was accomplished since April. Attempting to tape was a bad idea. While I don’t mind doing small amounts of mudding/taping, I learned that 1) I really do not like doing large amouts of it, and 2) I’m realy bad at it. We did actually get it all taped (although my dad got sick part way through so I ended up finishing it on my own a few days after we started), but then came time to sand. I hate sanding, much much more than taping. This meant, after about a bit over 2 hours of sanding (a couple sessions, sread over a week), and realizing at my pace and with the amount of mud on the wall (Did I mention I’m bad at taping?) I figured it would take me at least 5 more hours – and this was just the first coat.

So I did what I should have done at the start, and I called in a pro. He cleaned up my mess and had a new coat on in about 4 hours, and then came back and did a couple more coats. Each time, it took him about 3-4 hours to sand and put a new coat on. I will not show you pictures of my job, but here’s the final product:

imgp3648 imgp3651 imgp3659 imgp3663