So it’s been a while – almost a year! – since I updated this site, which probably also means no one pays attention anymore, but oh well. I just thought I’d make a little post about a new service I’ve been using over the last couple of days called Jango. It’s basically personalized radio stations, along the lines of Pandora, but it’s a bit more social, and (the biggest thing for me) it works in Canada.

Each user can create a number of stations, and for each of them, you can add artists to it, control how much variety it plays, and rate songs as they play.

An interesting feature is you can search for and play songs on demand – but what happens is it shows songs that are currently playing on other user’s stations, and then tunes you into that station. The song starts at the beginning, but if you continue listening, the next song that plays is determined by the station. In this sense, “stations” are more like dynamic playlists – it’s an interesting concept.

My stations are at: http://www.jango.com/users/3393756. Enjoy!