I just thought I’d post something about this great service that I realize has now become one of those vital pieces of my internet world. is basically an online bookmarking service that lets you “tag” sites with keywords. You can then browse your tagged sites by tag or multiplte tags. It has completely replaced my browsers built-in bookmarking feature.

I used to have a fairly large collection of bookmarks, and it was always a pain to keep organized. I also had a different set of bookmarks on my laptop vs my home PC and office PC. With, organizing is built-in – it just depends on the tag you use – and I can tag and access everything from any browser. really bills itself as a ‘social bookmarking’ service, but to be honest I don’t really take advantage of that very much. Basically it will show you “saved by x other people” for all items, and by default your page is public. There are also pages to show you what’s popular and recently tagged.

I highly recommend using this plugin for Firefox, as it adds some handy tagging features to the browser interface that make it really easy to use.

This is one of those services that once you start using, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.