It happened..

It finally happened. I created a blog. What in the heck am I doing..? Well I figured that I will post some stuff here randomly. Why not? See what this whole blogging this is all about. I feel like I’m missing out. Now I can click those “blog this” links, and “trackbacks” become useful I guess. Well, we’ll see. I’ll more likely use this as a place to put various ideas, geeky computer solutions and hacks I come up with, and who knows what else. In my job, doing IT, software development on far too many projects, network and server administration, and everything else, I often do a bunch of research into a wide variety of topics to come up with specific solutions to problems or provide a new service, and I really don’t have any place to post stuff like that. Now maybe I’ll do that here. Of course, I may also just ignore this, and never post here again.. haha.